First Award Changes Apply from 4 February

By February 4, 2020Business Law
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The Fair Work Commission has been reviewing all modern awards since 2014 and has made changes to how some awards work as well as the language and layout of the awards.

Late last year the Commission advised that they would release the amended Awards in three groups.

The first of these groups of Awards will apply from the first full pay period on or after 4 February 2020.

For those employers who are up to date with changes to their respective Awards in recent years the new Awards should not come as a surprise.  They will incorporate those changes while applying some new language and a different layout.

Regardless, we strongly recommend checking whether Awards relevant to your business are within the first group and if so, that you are up to date and compliant with the current Award as written.

Visit the Fair Work Commission website here for information about changes to Awards including a list of when your award is changing.

If you have any concerns regarding the application of an Award in your business please contact Fox and Thomas for advice.