Thoughts for Separated Parents Who are Sharing Care of Children During the COVID 19 Pandemic

By March 19, 2020Family Law
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  1. Be healthy and stay healthy – comply with all your local and State guidelines and model good behaviour for your children.
  2. Stay calm – keep a calm attitude and convey to your children your belief that everything will return to normal in time. Encourage your children to ask questions and express their concerns.  Answer them in an age-appropriate and a truthful manner.
  3. Be compliant – as far as possible stay compliant with any parenting agreement or Court order which is in place.
  4. Be innovative – if you are expected to fly or travel somewhere to visit the other parent, use Facetime, Skype or other electronic means for the children to have to have the experience
  5. Be transparent – provide truthful information to any co-parent about any suspected or confirmed exposure to the virus. Both parents need to be informed at once if a child is exhibiting any possible symptoms of the virus.
  6. Be generous – if there is a reason for a child missing out on time with the other parent, try and make that time up once normal conditions are resumed.
  7. Use the opportunity – an adverse situation which is unexpected can be a useful platform for taking the opportunity for parents to truly co-parent and focus on what is best for the child.

If you have any queries or concerns about an existing order or agreement and how you should respond please contact  the family Law section at Fox and Thomas.