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Qld Corridor of the Inland Rail

By January 22, 2021Property Law
Inland Rail – Qld Corridor

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has advised that the portion of the Inland Rail between the Queensland border near Goondiwindi and Gowrie is likely to follow the existing rail line.  This project is nearing completion of the reference design stage and will involve building 138km of new track and upgrading 69km of existing track.

An interactive map of the proposed rail corridor from the Queensland border to Gowrie can be found at:

ARTC believe that, subject to approval by the Queensland government, the existing rail corridor (approximately 25m in width) will be extended to 40m in width to accommodate the wider tracks required for southern trains.  This widening of the rail corridor will impact landowners neighbouring the existing rail line, as a portion of their land will need to be resumed to accommodate the widening of the rail line.

My property is within the proposed rail corridor.  When will I be contacted by the ARTC?

Whilst landowners will be notified of any planning applications being made by ARTC in their area which will affect their property, ARTC have indicated that they do not intend to approach affected landowners until the proposed design of the rail corridor is finalised, and environmental studies required by the Queensland state government have been completed, submitted and accepted.  The draft Environmental Impact Statement for this project is expected to be released for public comment early this year.

An Independent Flood Expert Panel established by the federal and Queensland governments is currently reviewing flood modelling and design with respect to the river and floodplain crossings in Southern Queensland, such as the Condamine Floodplain.  Members of the public can provide submissions related to flooding impacts to the panel.  The panel is expected to complete their work by the end of 2021.

Look out for our upcoming bulletins regarding the status of the Inland Rail in NSW, and the compulsory land acquisition process in Queensland and NSW.

Please contact a member of our Property team at Fox and Thomas if you believe your property may be within the proposed rail corridor for advice on how you may be impacted.