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Fox and Thomas has an intimate understanding of the rural industry and agribusiness. Our lawyers have many years of experience serving families and business operators in rural Queensland and New South Wales from our offices in Goondiwindi. Our business is as tied to the land as that of our clients.

Our agribusiness lawyers have built up a niche practice, advising primary producers and related business in all aspects of property, commercial and private legal matters and have years of experience in:


Property Transactions

We provide a holistic approach to property transactions to provide advice on how to structure the transaction to achieve the best outcome from a taxation, risk and profit perspective. We undertake the practical and transactional requirements in an efficient way. As the best outcome is achieved by all advisers working together including accountants, banks and agents we work closely with all these party throughout the process.

Water Rights

We specialise in the sale and purchase of water in both New South Wales and Queensland to make this complex process easy for you.

Advice on and preparation of all types of trusts and family re-arrangements and corporate structuring

When purchasing assets, starting a new business or investment or expanding existing ones we can work with you and your accountant to establish the best structure for taxation, duty, succession and risk purposes.

Implications of taxation, stamp duty, GST and capital gains tax

The way your business is structures or an acquisition is made can have significant taxation and duty implications we work through these issues with you and your other advisors to achieve the best outcome.

Estate & Business Succession Planning

Estate and business succession planning is considered an essential part of running a business at Fox and Thomas and we can provide a wide range of advice or services to suit your situation, please see our estate planning section for future information.

Negotiation of Family Business Issues

Roundtable discussions with all relevant parties to raised issues and concerns that arise in family businesses can assist in optimum outcomes for all family members while maintaining relationships.

Cultivation, Partnership, Joint-Venture & Share Farming Agreements

Advise and document various agreements to protect our rights while maintaining relationships with other parties

Farming Leases

Advice on leases with related or un-related entities can be provided and documentation prepared.

Estate Administration

The impact on a business in the event of a family member can be significant but by providing a smooth estate administration this impact can be minimised and the best outcome can be achieved for the beneficiaries. Visit our estate administration page for more information.

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