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Our relationship law services team is led by Kay Rhodes, a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist. We are committed to using a process which is least likely to lead to litigation. Our aim is to preserve the dignity and integrity of the client and if possible encourage a mature and civil relationship between the parties.

We work in conjunction with accountants and registered valuers to bring clarity and certainty to property issues. Our relationship law practice is experienced in dealing with matters which involve agribusiness, family-owned enterprises entwined with corporate structures and third parties. Our relationship law and agribusiness practices very much complement each other.


Property settlement

  • Carefully-crafted property settlements between spouses to adjust their property interests and record it is as a financial agreement or filed as consent orders ensuring capital gains tax exemption and stamp duty exemption.
  • Property settlements are arrived at through “without prejudice” roundtable conferences and communications, mediations or, as a last resort, the Court process.
  • Property settlements under the Family Law Act are available for both married couples and both heterosexual and same sex defacto couples.

Superannuation agreements and orders

  • Superannuation agreements as part of a property settlement or stand alone agreements to be used in conjunction with property orders;
  • Effective superannuation orders as part of a property settlement for both commercial and self- managed superannuation funds;

Spousal Maintenance

  • These are usually interim orders for one spouse with an income earning capacity to pay the reasonable needs of the other spouse pending final property settlement or orders. These are particularly appropriate where the spouses have been in a business together and the business has funded much of their lifestyle and general expenses.
  • Financial agreements ending and finalizing spousal maintenance liabilities for the parties.

Co-habitation and pre-nuptial agreements

  • These are agreements which provide for a division of property and sometimes spousal maintenance issues on separation or exclude certain assets from a division of property if the relationship breaks down at a later date.


  • This is the formal application to dissolve the marriage between a husband and wife to enable either party to remarry. Applications can be made jointly or it can be an application by one party to marriage only. You should allow approximately 4 months from the date of filing until the date of the divorce order.

Domestic violence applications

  • Applications to seek a protection order or to respond to a protection order in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Parenting Arrangements

  • Documenting as either consent orders or a parenting plan, parenting arrangements for children providing where they live, how often they see each parent, how they communicate with each parent, what holidays they spend with each parent and how the parents organise their educational and health arrangements.
  • Assisting separating parents in reaching a parenting plan through Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, negotiated agreements or consent orders and sometimes involving child focused sessions with appropriately qualified allied health practitioners.
  • When all avenues for reaching agreement have been exhausted filing applications in the court parenting orders which enhance the children’s opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with each parent and their extended families.

Child Support

  • Advices in relation to child support assessments, limited child support agreements and binding child support agreements registered with the Department of Human Services – Child Support.
  • Child support agreement are often negotiated as part of a suite of property settlement documents, wrapping up the financial obligations of both parties.

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